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Letter with Boyson genealogical information

Aug. 29, 79

Dear Mrs. Eberlein,

Thank you for writing to us. We send our sympathy to you.

Arthur’s sister Alfhild (Boyson) Turner was hoping your Mother would be in good health and they could write to each other.

It was at Beda’s funeral that we saw your daughter Sara and we saw the remarkable resemblance to pictures of Rose when she was a little girl.

My father-in-law Albin Boyson was Beda’s brother. They had a sister Constance and a brother Edwin. Their mother was Christina.

You have a Great Grand Mother and a Great Aunt buried in Wollaston Cemetery a mile from our house.

My mother-in-law Natalie Boyson and Beda were very close, more like sisters than sister-in-law.

Aunt Beda and Uncle Ramsay always spent Xmas and July 4th holidays with the Boysons. Beda would sometimes stay with them a month during the summer.

Beda was Arthur’s and his sister’s favorite Aunt. She was a lovely lovely woman. But then everyone loved her.

Edwin and his wife Ida are gone. We have not seen their children in years.

I remember the Boysons and the Ramsays had a lot of fun get-togethers. Uncle Ramsay was the life of the party.

Did your Mother give you a copy of a picture that I mailed to her? All four Ramsays were in the picture and the four Boysons too.

Arthur is standing beside his father holding onto the horses rein.

Your Mother sent back the original and and a copy. I gave one to our son Arthur Jr., and one to our daughter Claire.

We’ve kept touch with our relatives in Sweden. Sven was in New York more than 30 years ago. He stayed there a couple years. He’d come up to Quincy to visit all the relatives.

Sven was Head Purchasing Agent for the Swedish America Line.

Last year our daughter and son-in-law were in the Scandinavian countries so visited the Celanders. They were very very hospitable and glad to see Claire after so many years

Sven told Claire that there are many relatives over there. They live in Gothenberg.

Alfhild is 81 years old. She lives alone in the Boyson Homestead.

Arthur will be 79 next month. He retired 16 years ago. Keeps busy with a 35′ cruiser and a 27′ sail boat. We have a trailer and go on trips.

We thought of you all many times after meeting you. Tell your lovely daughter we were asking for her.

Sincerely yours,

Arthur and Betty Boyson

Source: Letter from Betty Boyson to Mrs. P J Eberlein, dated 29 August 1979. Borjeson-Borjesson-Boyson folder, Box 1: Genealogical information, James Family Papers, privately held by Kristen James Eberlein